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8 Responses to “InSource eCommerce”

  1. Kim says:

    Thank you so much for such a wonderful meeting, Jeff! And thank you so much for being so selfless with your time! ~Kim

  2. Denise says:

    Thank you, Jeff! What an amazing, interactive presentation!

  3. Ron Mead says:

    Hey Jeff- Great training today! I really appreciate you taking your personal time to train us on how to create better videos. Good Stuff!

  4. Roger W Law says:

    Greetings Jeff . . . Excellent video marketing workshop/presentation. In my opinion, you are ahead of the curve on video marketing for the small business person, and leading the charge on figuring out how to make best use of social media on a small business budget where being a wise steward of every penny matters.

    Your special guest Ron Mead, Ron Mead Training – – is a tremendous resource.

    I look forward to your follow-up workshops. And I appreciate your hours of preparation. It manifests itself in your professionalism. –RWL 11/16/2013@14:20 PST

  5. Rob says:

    Thank you Jeff for introducing us to the potential of video marketing, and for the time you spent teaching it to us.
    Thank you.. (I’m looking forward to the next one)

  6. InSource1 says:

    Thanks for attending Rob. Your input and experience were appreciated.
    Target for workshop #2: Dec. 19th…

  7. InSource1 says:

    Thanks Roger. I’m glad you enjoyed meeting Ron. He is a great online marketing success story: someone who has done it and continues to do it, making his living online.
    Stay tuned for workshop #2. Target: Dec. 19th.

  8. InSource1 says:

    Thanks Ron. It was great to have you with us and add your experience to our session.

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