It’s All About Google – Online Marketing Services

268 Million People per Day

Bloomberg Businessweek


Every day hundreds of millions of people search for something on Google.  The search request goes in , the magic formula happens and the results come out.  Most don’t realize just how complex the magic behind the scenes really is.  Google has many tools and products and categories such as Maps, Books, Email, Blogs etc., but it is an empire built on search.

Google’s  Search Results page has had a few changes since 1998.  Until this year, the most recent version, universal search,  has been around since 2007, adding video and images.  On May 5th, 2010, Google unveiled the eighth version.  Now with Advanced Search capabilities, users can access more tools to drill deeper into their topic.  Queries can be refined to show just shopping sites for example, or videos or blogs.  Google wants more searches and more clicks on sponsored links.  Anything that slows them down or inhibits clicking could have disastrous results on the bottom line.  A gorgeous search results page is not the goal.

Query results must be relevant.  The mantra at Google is to give the user the highest quality possible search experience.  The tremendously complicated algorithms Google uses to get user’s results must not be allowed to complicated its user interface.   They type in the query, get a page of 10 results ‘instantly’, choose between those links and the neighboring Sponsored Links and off they go.

Even though 268 million is a huge number, the competitive landscape is changing with the growth of social media sites.  Upstart Facebook surpassed Google in March, 2010 as the most visited website in the US.

Revenue in 2009 for online marketing services was almost $24 billion, 97% of which was advertising:  the ubiquitous Sponsored Search.  And, just for some perspective on this empire, Sergey Brin and Larry Page registered the domain name on September 15, 1997.