Networking “Rules”


I got these from a presentation I heard by Jordan Adler, author of Beach Money.


Here are some ‘rules’ of networking that you should be aware of:


*  Even though this is the era of high tech, don’t forget the high touch.  Build relationships not sales funnels.


*  Networking is not get rich quick.  It’s farming, not hunting.


*  Products and services go viral because of word of mouth.  People must know, like and trust you.


*  If you don’t put relationships first, the business won’t be there.


*  Look for prospects that a) have a list of contacts that know, like and trust them, and b) know people who want to improve their lives in some way.


*  People are more likely to business with you if you invest time and interest in them.


*  People will get involved on their schedule, not necessarily yours.  You want them to sign up when they are ready, otherwise they won’t do the work.


*  Get personal. Build relationships.  People will join a friend rather than some stranger on the Internet.


And here are some tips from author Johah Berger’s new book:   Contagious: Why Things Catch On (Simon & Schuster, 2013)

Companies/products go viral when there are:


1)  Social currency         people will use your product if it makes them feel special or ahead of curve

2)  Triggers                    your product must become a part of every their daily lives, be used/thought of regularly

3)  Emotional impact      they’ll evangelize your product if it effects them emotionally, solves a problem or brightens their day

4)  Visibility                   your product must have a distinct feature, color, shape so people notice and recognize it

5)  Practical value          your product must have many advantages, it helps users be more effective

6)  Stories                     they must be able to tell your story, explain your benefits



Link Building for your Empower Network Site

Link Building Tips – 8

 Here are 8 tips to consider when creating content offsite

Make a list of your key competitors sites

Find out who links to them and offer quality content to them

When re-Tweeting, always add a comment of your own

Develop quality, relevant, irresistible, evergreen content around your links

Define where your market is.  Get nichey

Don’t be boring.  Have a passion page

Create quality content for HARO articles with your link

If you find a broken link, tell the webmaster, offer new, quality content for them