Get Found on the Internet

On the Internet…

…nobody has to know you’re a small business.  But they do

have to be able to find you.







It’s all about showing authority in your niche to the search

engines.  That means building many structural qualities into your

website that the search engines can find when they come looking

for search results.


Maybe you’re trying to get some traffic to your child’s school

fundraiser website…  Maybe you’ve been laid off and now’s

finally your chance to launch the ‘wonder widget’ idea you’ve

had for so long…  Maybe you want to make some extra income

on the Internet in your spare time…  The process is the same.

You have to appear to the Search Engines as a major player in

your niche, even though you’re running your business out of the

“4th  bedroom”, and usually in your sweats and slippers.


Step 1 is to make sure your Google Places listing is claimed

and optimized with all of your data correct. These business listings

have no monthly charge and are a good way to

show your basic business information, such as name, address, phone,

hours, special offers, details on products and services, etc.  Make sure

you have all the blanks filled in.


Step 2 is to enhance your presence with reviews and citations.  This

means that you should have a program in place that will get

your customers to say nice things about you after they

have become happily involved with your product or service.  It takes

some focused effort and planning.  You want to make it easy for your

customers to write a glowing review for you.


A citation is a mention (such as an article) on another blog

or website about your site or product or service.  This citation should

include a link on that blog from a key word that sends the reader back to your

blog or website for more information on the relevant subject.  These

links are extremely important for authority building.


Step 3 would be to get active in your industry by blogging about your

specialty: your niche, your keyword(s), your passion.  The search engines

like to see activity.  In fact according to Internet software provider,, 90% of companies that post new content to their blog daily,

have acquired customers from their blog.


Beyond these 3 steps are many other strategies for building your

online authority that enable you to get found: mobile marketing, video marketing,

article marketing, and social media to name a few.


Whether you’re running your business from your living room or a boardroom, you can still be the authority in your niche by optimizing your Google Places listing then

working on the techniques above so your website can Get Found on the






Jeff Welsh, owner of InSource Marketing, is an Internet Marketing consultant.  He specializes in helping small businesses ‘Get Found’ on the Internet.  He has lived in Tualatin for 18 years.   You can contact him via his  Google Places page:        Phone: 503-703-8347.  Email:

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