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* LED PAR38 bulb. 27W rating. 9 Epistar 3W LEDs – 6 Red and 3 Blue. Standard E 26/27 Socket.
* PAR – Photosynthetic Active Radiation -Peaks at 460 nm (blue: vegetative) and 630 nm (red: flowering). Engineered for maximum growth.
* Low energy use. Intense lumens output. Negligible heat produced
* Simple screw-in mounting. No fan. No heavy hanging cables. No mounting hardware. Only weighs 14 oz.
*50,000 hr life. ISO9001:2000 in 2014

Indoor LED Grow Light. This compact LED Grow Light uses the well-known Epistar 3 Watt LEDs for an intense PAR (photosynthetic active radiation) output on a super-efficient budget, drawing less than .2 amps during constant use. Heat output is negligible and what little there is, dissipates efficiently with a large aluminum heat sink. Your tent or grow room or green house will have little heat accumulation from our lamps.

Simple to use with a standard light socket. Ideal for a single lamp application from helping your house plants thrive in the winter to supporting larger year-round commercial horticulture. The PAR38 form factor is an easy to handle lamp that is 4.75 in diameter x 4.75 in height. It weighs 14 oz. CE, RoHS and FCC compliant.

Plants need radiant energy + CO2 + water and minerals to create the magic of photosynthesis. Our GRO3827w provides an engineered spectrum mix of blue and red light, delivered at a 60-degree beam angle. Each Epistar LED chip has its own focus lens. The light energy called PPFD (photosynthetic photon flux density) measures 507 at 20cm above the canopy, 244 at 40cm above and 120 at 60cm.

You will get extraordinary results without the fear of burning the canopy that HPS or HID lamps can cause. You will lose less water to evaporation and be able to control temperature and humidity easier. GRO3827w makes good sense for the small hobbyist AND the medium sized commercial installation.

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