Online Reputation Management

7 Tips to Manage Your Reputation


1)  Start with the most basic step:  Google yourself, your company, your brand.  That will give you a heads up on what’s out there and where to start building or repairing as needed.

2)  Monitor and spot trends and keywords, your name, brand, competition, etc., using tools to alert you whenever those terms come up in search.  Things can happen quickly and you want to know and be proactive.  Google’s Alert is a free tool and works pretty well.

3)  Twitter is becoming an increasingly popular immediate information platform.  You can keep track of what is being said about you with tools such as or TweetDeck or Twendz.

4)   Manage your profiles.  There are many sites where people can write about you:  Google+, LinkedIn, Yelp, Facebook, Citysearch, Google Places, etc.  Make sure they are all accurate,  up to date and have not only correct information, but include positive comments  on who you are.  Go on a campaign to regularly add fresh, positive comments to these services.  Push the negative right down the page.

5)  Responding to bad reviews:  Don’t get angry and go on the attack.  That can only make a bad situation, worse.  Give yourself 24 hours before posting your response.   Become a problem solver, listen, rephrase what they said, apologize, thank them for commenting and try to make things right.  Keep your response as short as possible, and end on a positive but conclusive note.  After doing these things, you can ask if they would remove the comment.

6)  Stack good reviews on top of the bad one.  Push it off the page.

7)  Use Google+ to post favorable content about your name/brand/business.  Google is showing more and more Google+ results in search.  You can rank quickly for some terms and push the negative items off page 1.  At the same time you are helping your organic results.

When somebody says something really positive about your business it’s fun to respond and it’s important to respond quickly and let the reviewer know you appreciate the comment.

People like to be recognized and thanked, and when you respond sincerely they’re more likely to partake in “word of mouth” marketing offline on your behalf.

People are pleased when you offer them a refund or another shipment of the same product. These people can become your best cheerleaders and a customers for life.



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