Yelp Reviews

How to get Yelp Reviews to stick

Get reviews through Yelps Review Filter

If someone doesn’t have  a long history with Yelp, to leave a review for you, they will probably  create a minimal profile and only post only one 5 star, biased sounding review. Very likely to get filtered as review spam.

Help your friends and customers avoid getting  ‘filtered’ by instructing them to complete their Yelp profile.  Ask them to take some time and establish themselves as bona fide reviewers.  Have them start leaving reviews regularly to create a  Yelp footprint.

Leave tips.

Always respond to reviews.

Make friends.  Send Yelp invites to your email list and Facebook friends.

Write reviews realistically.  Don’t do 50 all of a sudden some weekend.  Build your reputation consistently over time.  A few minutes a couple of times a week would build a nice profile is just a few weeks.

Just like real life, not all experiences are 5 star.  You should review honestly and not have everything be a premium rating.


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